Flight Permits & Clearances

AEROGON is a dedicated aviation services company, bringing efficiency and modernisation to aviation services. From sidewalk to sky, we’ve got you covered. AEROGON is your trusted flight permit management partner in the Asia Pacific region. AEROGON Permit Office (APO) is a team of permit specialists based in Singapore, acquiring OVERFLIGHT and LANDING permits from around the region. Our state of the art 24/7 command center is designed to bring you efficient service delivery in the fastest way and at the most competitive rates. Our team analyses your requirements carefully and executes permit acquisition tailored to your specific needs.

24/7 Permit Command Center

Includes all of the operational staff, infrastructure and hardware needed to operate the service: A self-sufficient infrastructure with dedicated support team. Our team establishes, implements and reviews our quality objectives on a regular basis. These routine checks guarantee an adaptable approach to our quality control measures, all of which are strictly implemented internally and actively promoted throughout our network.