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Billing for Air Navigation Enterprises (BANE)

BANE is the only fully integrated and managed aeronautical billing service purpose-build for ANSPs, which simplifies and automates the billing process. Not only does BANE provide the systems to support next generation airspace yield management – our dedicated team also processes invoices, manages enquiries, accepts payments and returns cleared and validated funds to the ANSP. BANE utilises modern system technology, is fully integrated with data sources and financial systems, incorporates a sophisticated and granular charging rule engine, and uses real-time electronic processing to significantly reduce the hidden costs of invoice processing.

How does BANE work?

BANE is a fully managed cloud-based service, designed for ANSPs and using technology developed and managed by AEROGON. The service is powered by Air Transport Industry Cloud infrastructure, and operated by AEROGON’s revenue management team.

TA secure BANE gateway is installed within each customer network to collect, filter and buffer source data from the surveillance, airpot and flight planning systems. Data is then transmitted to BANE application servers hosted securely in the cloud. BANE is supported by a dedicated invoice processing team and financial services resources, and operations staff who manage airspace user enquiries and pursue outstanding payments.

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