Ground Support Services

Flight Handling

We provide every customer with the high standards of handling support, security and reliable service. We are very much experienced in handling of multiple aircrafts in multiple flight purposes in the aviation industry.
We always focused on customer security, safety, compliance and desired customer service. Our complete ground service are:
  • Passenger handling services
  • Ramp equipment
  • Aircraft parking facility
  • CIQ support service
  • Catering Arrangement service
  • Visa on arrival service
  • Special meeting room for VIP ( Tower building)
  • Complete security service
  • Cargo handling & Weather update report
  • Diplomatic Ground Handling support
  • Flight planning service
  • Medical flight support

Fuel Accommodation

Fuel Accommodation service is always ready for our valued customers. With a 24/7 ground support team, we are able to support the aircraft operations in all urgent needs and medical emergency at any time.

Advance Protocol Service

We are always ready to welcome our valued customers/VIP guests with proper protocol service. Also, we arrange the service for different customer needs as their preferences. Receiving from airport, meeting arrangements, consolidation services and customs clearance all include in protocol services.


With our uncompromising preference for fresh food, we source the best products from reliable suppliers. Our motto is to provide 100% fresh and Hygienic foods to our valued customers. We offer a wide variety of menus and services based on customer requirements. Because everybody loves food.

Cargo Handling Service

AEROGON provides Cargo handling services in your selected airports. Day by day, we improved our quality of services. Cargo handling service is one of the important parts of our ground handling services. Our professional trained employee ensures any special cargo handling requirements are handled according to the appropriate rules, procedure, and guideline of the handlings.

Meet & Greet Service

We offer personalized Meet & Greet services to facilitate your passage through Asia pacific region. Aerogon team will greet you at the aircraft door and accompany you to the airport exit. You will be guided through security checkpoints and the baggage delivery area. Whether departing, arriving or taking a connecting flight, choose the Meet & Greet service that suits you best.